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Professional video and audio production

Conferences & Events

Our experienced technicians are ready to meet all of your audio-visual support requirements, no matter how big(or small) the event. We have an extensive array of audio & video gear and much more. Need someting, just ask. If we don't have it, there's a good chance we'll know where to find it!

Music and Dance

Blocking out a new show, rocking out a new tune or performing the show of a lifetime? Capture the moment in high-definition and use our digital editing and production services to create product suitable for distribution and marketing.

Media Conversion

Don't let those memories fade away; convert audio recordings, video tapes, photos and slides into digital formats that can be more easily remembered and shared. We'll encode your material, clean up major defects (e.g. normalize audio levels, adjust color balance, remove dust specks), then produce CD's, DVD's or digital output, as required.


Conferences & Events

Sound Reinforcement

Video Recording

Music and Dance

High Definition Video


Media Conversion

Data Transfer & Format Conversion

Tape Restoration and Repair


/ə'klektik/ : "to derive ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources."

  • 1975-1989

    From Humble Beginnings

    Steve Philp, owner and operator of EVP, spent many years as a professional musician, touring with the likes of Bobby Curtola and Matthew Lien. Weary of the constant travel, Steve became involved in community TV and eventually found his way to the Yukon, where he became engaged in the music industry and began investing in video equipment.

  • 1995

    From Reel to Real

    With continuing demand for preservation of old video and audio tapes , and the increasing power of computer based digital editing and DVD authoring, it was time to start up a business, and Eclectic Video Productions was born! EVP quickly branched out into event production, providing AV technical services to First Nation gatherings, as well as hundreds of special events and festivals throughtout the Yukon.

  • December 2012

    Fast Forward

    Today, EVP is a high quality full service video production and editing facility!

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